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Who We Are

Empowering those who seek a better way

About our Founder

When I first started my career in public practice accounting, it felt like success was leveraged upon how long your seat had been assembled and how your appearance matched up with corporate culture - which at the time didn't include many Indigenous people or anyone from burgeoning communities like myself (I'm Anaiwan).

After having children I wanted a fulfilling work environment where being authentic would benefit not only me but also those around them; I founded Together Business to meet these needs, make positive shifts within the industry, and empower social entrepreneurs who seek a better way.

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Catalina Smith Accounting Manager
Dianna Davies Xero Magician & Analytical Storyteller
Sarah Hyland Head of Purpose

Indigenous Proud - Business Focussed - Community Aligned

Our Vision - The Dream:

A business sector inspired by the next level of organisational consciousness and guided by the knowledge and wisdom of our First Entrepreneurs.

Capitalism is broken, and rigid hierarchical organizational structures don’t work. They are designed to benefit the few, at the expense of many. In fact, they’re contributing to our lack of care for each other and the planet, and the compounding impacts continue to be disproportionately invoiced to First Nations communities.

Enter: The profit for purpose movement. By applying a decolonizing and humanistic approach, we enable First Nations self-determination and wealth creation through enterprise. We work with people and businesses that are determined to live and breathe their vision and values, not just talk about them.  Accountability for our collective future is our why.

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