Healing your money story

A unique 4 week program designed and created by First Nations women to bring awareness and understanding to our relationship with money and how we can create financial healing and well-being.

Heal your money story

What’s included in Money Mindset for mob ?

A supportive and culturally safe space for mob

An opportunity to heal and re-write your families money story

Understand the importance of creating and monitoring your personal budget

Workbook with supportive tools and resources

A supportive Facebook community with additional resources, tools and supports - your sacred space to connect, reflect and share with each other over your journey

Access to a Personal Budget template

Create an accountability framework

Tools to break generational cycles of scarcity and move into a financial wellbeing mindset

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

This is for you if you are ready to:

Release and move from a scarcity mindset to a more abundant mindset

Create a different way to look and feel about money and your relationship with money

Create a change in my family's money story to allow for not only generational wealth building but also the redistribution as a tool for systemic change

Feel empowered and in control of your money and finances

Clear beliefs and stories around your money past

Gain confidence to reflect on your spending habits

Discover where your money goes and develop better control

Reduce stress and have positive personal spending conversations

Understand how to set and achieve your wealth goals

Set goals for managing your money

Our awesome features

Within Money Mindset for mob you will:

Understand the importance of creating and monitoring your personal budget

Learn how to gain control of your personal finances

Identify how to manage and reduce debt levels

Discover how to build better money habits

Create an accountability framework

Reframe and challenge current negative money narratives

Develop a clear understanding of your relationship with money and where it stems from

I’m ready to heal my money story

Money Mindset for Mob is for you if..

Our awesome features
You are ready to have a more powerful connection and relationship with money and create deeper awareness into some of the blocks that are holding you back

Our awesome features
You are ready to start thinking about money and your relationship with money in a different way?

Our awesome features
You ready to heal and re-write you and your family’s money story

Our awesome features
You continue to repeat the same money patterns over and over again

Our awesome features
You overspend or avoid your bank account altogether

Our awesome features
You struggle to save money

Our awesome features
You feel shame around charging what you are worth

Our awesome features
You are ready to break generational cycles of scarcity and move into a financial wellbeing mindset

Our awesome features
You are ready to feel safe and in control of your finances

Meet your facilitators

Sarah Hyland
Entrepreneur & Chartered Accountant

Sarah chose to become a Chartered Accountant after learning about the dramatic under-representation of Indigenous Australians in the profession (estimated ~100 CA/CPA qualified). Through her work experience in government, banking and commercial sectors, she witnessed first hand the lack of involvement and representation of Indigenous people around the table when decisions were being made about their' futures. It has become her personal mission to put First Nations People in the driver’s seats of their own economic future. Twelve years into her career the most rewarding part of her job is building rapport and trust based on shared history, a capability that others in the accounting profession are largely unable to offer. Sarah provides financial education and empowerment and continues to advocate for a strengthened Indigenous Business sector. Sarah is also committed to nurturing the pipeline of Indigenous Advisors in her own strength-based way.

Yolanda Finette
Holistic Life Coach and Wellbeing facilitator

Yolanda Finette is a certified, award winning holistic life coach, holistic counsellor, consultant & wellbeing facilitator whose practice honours identity, sovereignty & reconnection. After a 25-year professional career as a social worker and manager in the child, youth and family services sector, in both the Melbourne First Nations community and the United States, Yolanda embarked on her own journey of healing and reconnection. Combined with her unique cultural intersection of Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta), African American and Greek heritage, her journey enabled her the tools to reconnect deeply with her ancestral lineages and create a multi-dimensional approach to her 1:1 and group coaching programs. Yolanda coaches through a trauma-informed, anti-oppression and First Nations cultural lens. Yolanda is passionate about empowering people of all identities to feel seen, take up space and step into their most powerful, potent and courageous selves possible - with particular focus on drawing on inter-generational wisdom and knowledge to break unwanted patterns and redefine generational blueprints.

Your investment

We have created two tiers for pricing to be inclusive for all PLUS a pay-it forward option if you would like to gift this experience on. HERE'S HOW THE TIERS WORK... This style of pricing relies on the principles of truthfulness, respect for complexity, and accountability. You deserve opportunities that recognise the multiple layers of economic access and privilege that exist. I love that our Community thrives when the value of accountability is central because this is where our trust grows together as our work deepens.

Tier 1
This is the true cost for our 4-week program - it is reflective of the unique and transformative program that we have created for you
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Tier 2
This tier is our acknowledgement that paying the full cost would prevent some from being able to attend who would really benefit from this time together.
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